Our Products

Our product is a customisable A6 journal made from 90% recycled materials. This includes reusing and repurposing locally-sourced scrap paper from our school, Hobsonville Point Secondary School so that we can reduce waste.

In terms of customisation, you can choose a colour for the cover out of black, purple, white, blue, grey and red. You can select a zigzag pattern, stripes and and polkadots. Lastly, you may add a printed image of your choice, glitter, sequins, a fuzzy cover or something else of your own specification (please keep in mind that it may not be possible to do for us; we will let you know if this is the case).

The cost of one journal, regardless of the design is $17.99, but there will be an additional cost of $5 if you would like it to be shipped to you. The alternative is to pick it up from Hobsonville Point Secondary School. We will provide more details if requested, or after you submit your order.